Commercial Electric Services

Commercial Electrical Panel and Electrical Breaker Installation and Repair

All of our panels are installed by expert electricians and designed to provide you excellent service. When you call on Tarrant Electric, you’re ensuring that your circuit panels will be done safely and efficiently.

Pole Lighting

Pole Lighting and Illuminated Pole Signs

Just about every commercial property has light poles surrounding their building and in their parking lot as commercial lighting is required. You need a professional electrical contractor to conduct light pole repairs and maintenance to stay up to code. Tarrant Electric has licensed electricians and bucket trucks for light pole installation and repair. Our bucket trucks can reach up to 40-feet in the air so one of our certified electricians can properly repair your light pole quickly and effectively. We can also replace burned out ballasts and faulty capacitors and photocells

Tarrant Electric can diagnose and repair your light pole or any other lighting issues you may have in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

Tarrant Electric can install or repair pole signs and short or monument signage for your business or restaurant. Our technicians arrive on site with a fully-equipped vehicle to get the install or repair done with quality workmanship. With the latest tools and technology, we are ready to provide you with top-notch installation service for any sign.

Bucket Truck Work

Led Lighting and Retrofitting

Back Up Generators

Electrical Circuits

For the safety of your building and all its occupants, electrical circuits should be installed following the National Electrical Code to help avoid dangerous problems such as overloading the system. Although you may be hesitant to hire a professional, the dangers that faulty electrical circuits pose to your home or business far outweigh the costs of getting an electrician to do the job right. Tarrant Electric professionals are up to date on the latest industry standards and building codes to ensure safe, reliable electrical services including circuit installations and replacements.